Onboarding Process (part 1): Vision, Mission, Values

I stand with the vision, mission and values.


We will try our best to make newcomers have a leaner start in our community and become some of they active members for community!


Very well structured, clean steps in order to guide the newcommers.

At point 4 I like to say that we have a library of web3 knowledge at hand (stakeborgdao.xyz).




We’re in the process of changing/editing the text after your feedback. We’ll be back in due time with the changes and we’ll be waiting for your feedback then. Thanks everyone for the inputs!


The entire onboarding process is indeed a more complex one, hence we split it into several parts. We’d love to focus on this one for now and take it step-by-step. We’ll soon be back with changes (related to your second question).
It was hard to set KPIs since this is only the first part of the onboarding process. Therefore we chose to go with KPIs that are related to people saying whether or not they feel like the values, mission and vision we identified and thought of are relevant or not (because all of them tie us all, so getting more input is key). The exact numbers were chosen after setting the bar higher than the previous proposals and having a realistic view based on the fact that we barely started our activity on Agora.

We’re looking forward to your input for the next one!


Dear Stakeborgari and Stakeborgirls,

It looks like we used up our “editing time” and we cannot amend the initial proposal any longer. Therefore, we present you with the second iteration of our vision, mission and values here below.
If you agree with these suggestions, please let us know by liking this post. In case of further feedback, please share it with us until Friday, April 8, end of the day.

Thank you all for taking the time to read through the proposal and share your thoughts. This shows that the topic of identity is important to many of us and we want to play our part in shaping our StakeborgDAO culture.

We adjusted the vision, mission and values to include your feedback, while trying to keep it as concise, bold and concrete as possible. We believe that the below constitutes a guidance for our community that should both provide us with a clearer purpose and inspire us to dream big. :slight_smile: We know, it’s a thin line. Please take another look at the suggestions below and let us know if we got cose to that sweet spot. Thank you!


Our vision at StakeborgDAO is to foster an environment of continuous learning and build a wealthy digital colony that will represent a reference model for other DAOs and the crypto space in general.


We made our mission to become a vibrant incubation community that creates wealth to its members by nurturing an educational environment, empowering its members with foundational understanding of the crypto space and cultivating a Web3 ecosystem of sub-DAOs and guilds, with a focus on DeFi applications.

Our values:

  • Inclusion. We are stronger together!
    We believe in inclusiveness and in being kind, embrace diversity and encourage participation. By working together we don’t shy away from bold experiments, sharing knowledge, conceive & scale initiatives from ground up.

  • Continuous learning: We believe in educating ourselves, in learning from each other and in growing together. We value feedback and are open to having our ideas challenged

  • Meaningful connections: We believe that in real life (IRL) connections transcend into and define our Web3 interactions and values

  • Community first: We count on each member’s skills and contribution to shape the culture and grow the value of our community. Initiatives and proposals are being generated from within the community while putting community‘s interests first.

  • Proactiveness & Accountability: We love thinkers as long as they become doers, because at StakeborgDAO we believe in #gettingshitdone


Love it! I identify with these values and align with the mission & vision proposed. Great job #onboarding team! Patiently waiting for the 2nd part. GG!


Sounds good! My only major comment has to do with the DeFi part. Being DeFi-focused entails conversations around optimising yield, derivative as mechanisms to hedge risk, liquidity provision and farming, staking etc. In other words, DeFi is all about blockchain-enabled financial services, which, if you ask me, is not our area of expertise/focus.

The content and conversations I see in this DAO are skewed towards NFTs. Therefore, if you want to single out a crypto niche, I believe NFTs would be more appropriate. On the other hand, if you don’t wish to narrow down the scope of the DAO then Web 3.0 is the better term to use.


We should be proud of ourselves for getting so clear about who we are and want to be. Definitely a big shout-out for the #onboardingteam for their focus and work on this initiative!

If we will guide ourselves by those values in the most unclear moments, the outcome will only be better and better day by day.


As for structuring the Vision, Mission and Values, I would suggest having two versions: the current ones, and a trimmed down version.

As we all know, the average person’s attention span is 3-5s. If people are not hooked by then, chances of converting them into DAO members drop considerably.

Priority remains to get this out the door and further trimming down can happen on the go.


The only remark I would have is that if we are going to lay down somewhere the Vision and Mission of StakeborgDAO by writing “Vision” as a subtitle and in the upcoming paragraph explaining that vision we should start directly with the point we want to describe without repeating “Our vision is…”.
In this case I would see it like this: " StakeborgDAO is to foster an environment of continuous learning and build a wealthy digital colony that will represent a reference model for other DAOs and the crypto space in general."
This would also go for the mission.
So my point is just about the arrangement, because the ideas are already perfect.


Hey guys and gals! Just wanna say that things where just fine with version 1.0, but this 1.1 is awesome. Great job! Love the fine tune that @coz brought with this short and concise statements, it makes things easyer to remember and relate to. I appreciate the work that you guys managed to put into this.


Defi is not our area of talking maybe at the moment, I wouldn’t say it’s not our area of expertise. I have a feeling there’s people in our community that are good at DeFi, they just didn’t get a voice or a space to talk about that yet.

Also, the whole DAO is built on some DeFi mechanysms.


I like this! It looks to me like it describes our community aspirations well!

I would change the last one: Proactiveness & Accountability
The description specifically, I think it would be more inclusive if we go with somethin like: We love thinkers as long as they also contribute to building their ideas, because at StakeborgDAO we believe in #gettingshitdone

I’m saying this because there might be great value in some people’s ideas and those people might be lacking the skills necessary to start putting ideas into action or building a team. However, someone with those skills might be able to come alongside them and help them do that, and if we formulate is as contributing to the building of their ideas, we might have more ideas to chose great ideas from if that makes sense.


Brilliant stuff, #onboarding team!

I agree with @alexpaul that one could find “love thinkers as long as they become doers” a little bit too bold, so maybe we could fine tune it according to how Alex proposed or something like “we like thinkers, but we love doers”.

Also, as new-joiners may be questioning their abilities to contribute, maybe we could somehow underline that there are no bad ideas / unnecessary skills.

Anyway, these are just some veeery slight optional adjustments, you guys have done a fantastic job, congrats!


I totally love what you did here! I am really proud to be part of such a great community and I can only congratulate the onboarding team not for only the hard work they put into creating this proposal, but also for gathering feedback and coming back with an improved version!

Guys, you rock!


I agree. There are some expression that can be removed to give the message a razor-sharp focus. For example, if you cut the fluff, you could reduce the vision to:

Fostering an environment of continuous learning to build generational wealth.

The same principle can be applied to the Mission and Values. By design, these are meant to be punchy and capture attention, as well as be memorable.


The definition of a mission is a statement that highlights what an organisation is doing now to enable it to achieve its vision.

Currently, the DeFi focus is not materialised. That doesn’t meant we don’t have the in-house expertise or that we do not use such DeFi mechanisms to enable the activity of the DAO. It just means we are not focused on it. Therefore, choosing Web 3.0 - which is an all encasing term for DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, Infrastructure, etc. - would be more representative of the status quo.

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Ultimately, as @1johnny says, these are slight adjustments and the work everybody has done is fantastic!


Great job ! :ok_hand: Continuous learning here from you !